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A singer-songwriter

Phil has been writing songs throughout his adult life and in the last few years his style has been evolving.  He's been working hard writing loads more and getting them recorded.  Some songs are swing-style, some are ballads, some upbeat. Some people think there's a musical theatre quality to them, but that doesn't give the whole picture.....
Lots of songs will be released in the near future. Phil sings some himself, but he mostly he likes to have  professional singers record them when he thinks they can add something extra.
Anabel Mather is a university music student in southern England and has a a great voice! She's recorded several of Phil's songs and the first two will be released on Wednesday June 23rd.
Olivia Barker, an experienced Scottish singer, is recording a CD of Phil's songs.
Aaron Frith, a swing-style singer in Kent, southern England, has recorded five of them as has Terry Brown, an experienced professionally-trained tenor.
Virginia Ruspini, an excellent Italian singer, has recorded three of Phil's songs and Phil co-wrote a contemporary song with Christopher Haul, a talented Welsh singer, who recorded them.
All songs will feature on this site before long! So keep your eyes open, and feel free to get in touch and make any  comments or questions.

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Olivia Barker

Scottish singer, living on the Isle of Arran

Olivia has been a keen singer throughout her teenage years, and, while at Heriot-Watt university, Edinburgh she had singing lessons, which certainly show in her singing!
She does gigs, mainly on the Isle of Arran.  She's working on recording a CD of Phil's songs.  To date three have been released.



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If You Found Love

Following the release of the lead track and the remix, there's a great video featuring Christopher Haul in London, deeply pondering the value of love, with onlookers being impressed or bemused.  Keep your eyes open for it being released soon!

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